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Grand Final

Each act will be given a maximum time of 5 minutes for there performance in the final. Singers should have a backing track (no vocals) or there own instruments. All music should be emailed to [email protected] and also bring a back up copy along on a disc . All music is tested before the final and a soundcheck will take place from 12.30pm, if you have any problems emailing your track to the Stars of Scotland team please get in touch.


Any acts requiring props should email the Stars of Scotland team.

The successful Acts from each category, will come together to entertain the audience and compete in front of the judges to be crowned category winner as well as :


Junior and Senior  Stars of Scotland 2017 Champions


GRAND FINAL 4th March 2017


Junior Grand Final 2.30pm

12.30pm Souncheck

Senior Grand Final 7.30pm

5.3pm Soundcheck